From religion to relationship

Raised in a Majority religion, Nikita became a devoted worshipper of her favorite god. She used to worship this god faithfully twice a day. The rituals brought a comforting sense of routine, and made Nikita feel as though her life had purpose.

(Representative photo. Credit: Koshy Koshy via Flickr)

Nikita had no use for Christianity. She thought the religion belonged to Americans, and that they had brought it to her country. Only when she met Abhi Singh – one of DOOR’s Deaf leaders – did she realize she was wrong.

Abhi shared sign language Scriptures with Nikita and her husband, Arun, and it opened their eyes to the truth of God’s Word. The couple began to learn that God created everything, including people. Abhi taught them about sin, and why God sent Jesus Christ as a sacrifice.

Arun became very interested and wanted to learn more about Christ. Nikita resisted, still committed to her favorite god and familiar religion. The topic led to many intense arguments.

In time, the Lord won Arun’s heart. He became a believer, and quit his job to become a DOOR missionary in a major city. This decision made Nikita even angrier. However, as a Deaf woman, she had very few options. She accompanied him to the city, and they met a Deaf 2-by-2 worker named Gokul.

One day, Gokul shared the whole story of Christ’s life with Nikita. When he shared about Christ’s crucifixion, it moved her to tears. Learning about the Lord’s sacrifice changed Nikita’s heart and attitude. She repented, and gave her life to Christ.

Nikita now serves the Lord faithfully alongside Arun. She relishes the new freedom and value she has found in her relationship with Christ.

Will you keep this new believer and her husband in your prayers?


  • Praise God for the salvation of Nikita and Arun.
  • Pray that Nikita and Arun will continue growing in faith and knowledge of the Lord. Pray that their testimonies will cause family members to pursue the Gospel.
  • Ask the Lord to bless Nikita and Arun as they serve Him in ministry.