Honoring Luka Lengewa

We are sad to share that Luka Lengewa, one of our beloved translation consultants from Kenya, passed away Monday morning (Kenya time) from complications due to his esophageal cancer.

Luka was from the Rendille tribe in Kenya, a group that has only recently been given access to the New Testament through a Bible translation project supported by the Seed Company. Luka was actually a translator on that project prior to coming to DOOR. Luka became a consultant-in-training with us and worked for seven years to eventually become a sign language translation consultant. He was among the ones knighted at the ceremony at the Kenya campus. He also received his Masters from Africa International University this July.

Luka leaves behind a wife and three young children (including a baby born about 10 months ago). DOOR has been supporting them through this time, and additionally a number of members of his church organized a gathering of over 200 people recently to raise further funds for Luka’s medical bills and the family needs. They were able to raise a lot of financial support from that event, and will be used to continue to support his family.

Please be in prayer for the family, as well as for the DOOR Africa leadership. Today is a public holiday in Kenya, but the leaders will be comforting and ministering to the staff. They have done so much to support Luka and his family during this past year, and we are so grateful for their leadership. Pray also for our organization as a whole; Luka touched many, many lives, and he will be greatly missed.

Luka with his child
Luka when he graduated with his Masters
Luka with his wife at the consultant knighting ceremony with Rob Myers, CEO of DOOR